Reproductive Health Related Leave

For far too long, women have had to remain silent in their workplaces about the grief of early miscarriage; or have had to use their annual leave to attend appointments for IVF treatments.

In 2021, the Labour Party introduced the Reproductive Health Related Leave Bill to provide women – and men – with support in the workplace, where they are struggling with fertility or other reproductive health issues.

The Labour Party’s Bill would provide an entitlement to paid leave of up to 20 days for workers who suffer a miscarriage, and up to 10 days for those seeking treatments like IVF.

The Bill is currently progressing through the Seanad but, to give people the support they need now, we want to amend the Government’s Work Life Balance Bill to introduce this much-needed measure now.

If you agree with creating more compassionate workplaces and granting paid leave when it matters most, please sign our petition and share it with a friend.